Got Deer?

Congratulations to those who have taken some fine  deer during the early portions of the 2013 Big Game Season !

Only a decade ago it was common  for 70% to 80% of the bucks taken in WMU 3C to be yearlings. These young deer were in their very first year of sexual maturity, yet comprised the majority of the buck take.

Last years buck harvest in WMU 3C shows a completely different story:

2012 Buck Take Wildlife Management Unit 3C

                Yearlings………….. 17 %

                2 ½ Years Old…….50 %

                3 ½ Years Old…….23 %

                 4 ½ Years Old……10 %

It is refreshing and rewarding to see this kind of older- aged deer harvest occuring now and the overall dramatic change in the age structure  of deer taken in 2012.   Accordingly I am once again offering to age your deer for you if you are curious and would like to know how old  your deer is.

Save the lower jaw and I’ll be happy to hook up with you and determine the age.


Take a digital picture of your deer’s lower jawbone similar to the picture shown below and send it to me in an email or personal message.

I need to have a clear shot of the grinding surfaces of the teeth on the lower jaw and I’ll respond back to you with the age of your 2013 deer.

Congratulations again to all who all who have filled tags this early in the season. Hunters in our area are now hunting a deer herd that has a better balanced buck age structure and in reality has not been experienced in our area in more than 40 years.


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